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MOD Winner 2015

MOD 2015

“Machinery of Data” (MoD) is a data driven competition where makers, artists and crafters build machines and art that is driven by, reacts to and is inspired by South Australian open data that is discoverable on Data.SA the South Australian Government data directory.

Three stand out entries were showcased on Sunday the 1st of November 2015, at the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire held at the innovative Tonsley site.

This years entries included an artistic display that represented how long it takes to get to work (pictured left) and a mobile air quality sensor for your bike. The winning entry was “CommunUV” (pictured right) a prototype of a UV rating display, that can be used to encourage awareness about sun protection at community events.

Congratulations to CommunUv for winning the $1000 Best In Show prize.

Congratulations to all our competitors, with your creations we are promoting the value of open data for our creative industries.




MoD – 3 weekends to go!

We have a bunch of people working hard to create a MoD entry for this years Machinery of Data competition.

“Machinery of Data” (MoD) is a data driven competition where makers, artists and crafters build machines and art that is driven by, reacts to and is inspired by South Australian open data that is discoverable on Data.SA the South Australian Government data directory.

It is not to late  to register your project!    You still have three weekends to build your creation!

To enter complete the the form available from this link  by 19 October 2015

All entry’s will be submitted to the Machinery of Data exhibition at the


1284 South Road, Clovelly Park (the old Mitsubishi site)

The Machinery of Data Exhibition will run from 10am until 5pm in the special MoD Exhibition space at the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire.

  • a completed Mod entry form must have been received by 19 October to be eligible
  • All entries must be delivered to the site at the nominated time and removed from the site on the day.
  • Makers are required to attend the exhibition and are encouraged to engage with attendees about their idea.
  • Judges will be circulating throughout the day and will use the opportunity to discuss your project with you to inform their judgement.
  • Entry for MoD Exhibitors is free and there is free parking on site.
  • MOD will be in the TAFE building, so participants are advised to park on the Alawoona Ave side of the site.
  • Projects on display will include concepts, works in progress and shiny polished projects.
  • We encourage you to submit your entry even if it is not finished.
  • $1,000 prize winner will be announced at 3.30pm bat the Open Data and MoD speaker session.

Machinery Of Data – MOD – Open for entry

image (3)

If open data is your thing and you have a creative edge, then the Machinery of Data (MOD) competition is for you.

MOD is a data driven competition that merges open data with hardware and art.  Some examples include: A 3D printed representation of open data, jewellery, art or music based on data or a clock that uses Adelaide Metro data to show bus arrival times.

Anything goes just use Data.SA open data to inspire or interact with your creation.

This year we are partnering with the Adelaide Maker Faire to host a Data.SA and Machinery of Data Exhibition.  The event will be held on Sunday 1 November, 10am – 5pm, 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park (the old Mitsubishi site).


$1000 Prize up for grabs for best in show!

The competition commences as soon as you get an idea and entry is free!  Simply submit your expression of interest  entry by 1 October 2015 on EventBrite which details your creation.

Your entry does not need to be completed until the 30th October 2015.

For further information visit the MOD Webpage.

Check out last years entries for some inspiration.

GovHack Red Carpet Awards 2015

South Australia Unleashed competitors also  participated in the  GovHack international competition.  A cross section of GovHackers were chosen to fly to Sydney for the Red Carpet Awards on Saturday 5 September.   We are happy to announce that the South Australian winners are:

We are happy to announce that the South Australian’ winners are:

The Best Digital Transformation Hack
Winner:  Health Buddy by Chamonix
Runners up:  InvestSA by team CMUnity

The Best Science Hack
Winner:  Lungs by Saint Simon

The Best Youth Team
Winner:  AusEd by team Nexus (Mount Gambier)
Runners up:  Bike Safe by Luke and Josh (Playford)

Best Public Servant Team
Winner:  Safeway-2-go by team Hippo Creative

The International Bounty for WW1Hacks
Highly Commended:  For King and Countree by team Bold

The Scientific Data Bounty
Highly Commended:  Lungs by team Saint Simon
Highly Commended:  Ecovalia by team Torange Juice

The Geoscience Australia Data Bounty
Highly Commended:  Virtual RADelaide by team mmmmapshacks

Visit the GovHack website for videos of the Red Carpet Awards and other national winners.

South Australia Unleashed Awards Night

The Bendigo Bank was abuzz on Friday 31 July with SA Unleashed competitors from Adelaide, Onkaparinga and Playford eager to find out who won!  The Mount Gambier location ran an Awards Night simultaneously.

The Adelaide Awards Night opened with a welcome from Joe Formichella, the Bendigo Bank State Manager, and the opening speech was made by the Minister for the Public Sector, the Honourable Susan Close MP.


A total of 33 prize categories were awarded to SA Unleashed and N3xGen competitors.    For a listing of all the winning teams visit the Unleashed 2015 prize winners list

Premiers Award Winners
From left to right: Teams Hactory and XPressioneers

premiers winners


South Australia Unleashed Success

The South Australia (SA) Unleashed 2015 competition was an even bigger success this year with over 200 participants competing in 4 locations; Adelaide, Mt Gambier, the City of Onkaparinga and the City of Playford.  Approximately 40 teams competed in SA Unleashed and 50 youths competed in the inaugural N3xGen open data competition.

Over 735 datasets were available to competitors from Data.SA, 192 of those were released in June for the competition. The best state government contribution to Unleashed was the Department of the Premier and Cabinet who went from 18 datasets to 139.  The best local council contribution was the Port Adelaide Enfield Council for actively engaging with  participants through the events.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors and our dedicated Unleashed crew who worked tirelessly to prepare the event and provide support over the competition weekend. A big thank you to our data publishers and data mentors who provided specialist advice to the competitors on the data.


Adelaide Competition Weekend Running Sheet


Friday 3 July What Where
06:00 PM Participants start to arrive and register  Ground floor
6.00pm Networking and food Atrium
06:30 PM Local event welcome, prizes and participant briefing Atrium
07:00 PM  Competition Launch Atrium
7.15pm Pick a position and set up(This will be your posy for the weekend) Level 2
8.00pm Register on Hackerspace Hackerspace
11pm Venue shuts
Saturday 12 July
7.30 to 10.30am Venue open & breakfast Atrium
9 am to 12pm Morning with Mentors Atrium and Level 2
12pm Register all your team members on your project Hackerspace
12.30 to 1.30 Lunch Atrium
5.00 pm Team Page registration and Prize category nomination due on Hackerspace Hackerspace
6.30pm Dinner Atrium
11pm Venue shuts
Sunday 13 July
7.30 to 10.30am Venue open & breakfast Atrium
10am Update your Hackerspace project page with your data story, datasets used, Project outcomes etc to reduce pressure in the last hours. Hackerspace
9am to 4pm Media Room available Level 2
4pm Recommended deadline for video loading
4.15pm Final review of your Project page Hackerspace
5pm Submissions due Hackerspace
5.15pm Spirit prizesEntry Screening Atrium
5.30pm Close



Participant Kit 2015

Everything you need to know for Unleashed 2015!

Unleashed & NexGen Dual Graphic JPEG

The 2015 Participant Kit is ready to go!

Adelaide Unleashed Participant Kit 2015

Mount Gambier Nexgen Unleashed Participant Kit 2015

Playford Nexgen Unleashed Participant Kit 2015

Onkaparinga Nexgen Unleashed Participant Kit 2015

Within  each the you’ll find everything you need to know from the code of conduct, to what happens at registration, and details about the lovely volunteers and mentors who are there to ensure you have a great Unleashed.

It’s packed full of handy tips for how to have a great hackathon, what you should bring with you, when you’ll be fed, and much more!

Welcome to Unleashed  2015!

Unleashed is South Australia’s annual open data competition part of the GovHack competition that is held in locations around Australia and for the first time in New Zealand.   This year we are pleased to launch the first N3xGen Unleashed to be hosted for 13-18 year. So that’s 3 level of competition you may be eligible for – GovHack International, Unleashed South Australia and N3xGen for our Youth community.

This is your opportunity to shine! This is your opportunity to craft great outcomes from open government data! And this is your opportunity to compete for some great prizes!

Have a good time, conduct yourself well, enjoy working with others, build relationships, and walk away with the feeling that the cause for open data is just that little bit better. Most of all, let’s see some awesome outcomes!


All participants must register on arrival.   At registration participants and guardians will be provided with an Unleashed name badge and lanyard that must be worn at all times. You will also be given details on Internet access at the venue and Goodie bag with T-shirt and other giveaways.

 What to bring:

Please label your belongings so we can return them to you if you leave them behind.  Here are some of the things we’ve seen people using at Unleashed before.

  • Laptop
  • Mouse and mousepad
  • Headphones
  • USB thumb drives, external hard drives
  • Phone and charger
  • Pen, paper, post-its, notebook, coloured markers, your stationery drawer
  • Water bottle coffee cup
  • Any medications you may need


We’ll be taking care of your food and beverages while you’re at N3xGen & Unleashed, so all you need to bring along any extra snacks you want.  If you have any special dietary needs, let us know on Eventbrite ticket registration form (or contact us, ASAP) and we’ll do our best to take care of you.


You will find all of South Australian data on the website at .To be eligible for South Australian Prizes you must use at least one data set published the open data portal on Some prize categories may have additional data requirements.

You will find the list of national data available for the national GovHack competition at

Check the eligibility requirements of the GovHack National Major Prizes to see if you need to use a specific dataset for the prize category you want to enter. To maximize your chances to win prizes you may want to mash up National and South Australian data, giving you a chance in as many categories as possible.

Developer Kit

A developer kit is available on the GovHack website, which you are welcome to use. You will find all the information on what’s available to you here:

Submitting your entry

Hackerspace is the Official Unleashed and GovHack competition submission site and allows you to submit all components required for your team’s Govhack entry.   Note: submission elements and times are system controlled so not extensions are available! Teams are required to submit the following as part of their competition entry on Hackerspace

  • Register all Team members in Hackerspace (If your team win we can only recognise registered team members).
  • A descriptive project page, listing your team members, details about your project, what data sets have been used and what competition categories (local, national and international) that you are going for.  The project page must include your Project Description Data Story.  This is a short description that describes how data has been reused and what your project is about. Submit an image that best captures your concept e.g. a logo or Image.    If you win an award this is what we will use to describe your project :)
  • Nominate your Prize Categories. When you register your Team Project on the HackerSpace you’ll have access to the International and national competition prizes as well as your relevant local competition prizes to compete for.  Teams may register more than one entry; a new project page is required for each entry. You can nominate more that than one prize category for each for each project entry so long as the entry meets the multiple eligibility criteria. At a minimum please nominate one national and one local prize. We encourage projects to focus on a few prizes not all the prizes.  The best way to maximise your chance to win is to use a dataset from the National official list and a datasets from your local competition and to check for any Prize category eligibility criteria such as a specific datasets.
  • Outcomes from the project itself (any code, graphics, mashups, applications, website URLs, photos of each  stage to create your artistic representation etc) which must all be made available under an open source/content licence to be eligible for prizes. If judges are able to see and play with it that is useful, but this is a minor component of the judging.       Teams can put the code/source on GitHub, Sourceforge or an equivalent repository system and must make the URL available on their team page for verification. For artistic works you may need to create a photo library or share a link to a Googledocs that contains evidence of the stages of your project.
  • Data reused – On your project page you are required to record any data used. This is especially required if the prize categories entered have a data usage requirement for eligibility. Help make judges life easy and add the link to the data.
  • A pre-recorded video (maximum three minutes) embedded on your project page that demonstrates your hack in action for the judging panel. The preferred method is to use a screencast with a voice-over narration explaining your hack, why you created it, and what is being show in the video.       Remember that the judging panel is viewing the videos in isolation and doesn’t necessarily have any context around your project. You may mix in other elements with the screencast, such as footage demonstrating the issues your hack addresses, interviews, live action material you’ve filmed, et cetera – but be aware that videos that don’t focus on showing off the hack itself will not be as valued as ones that do.   You are encouraged to include your team name, event location, team members, and to talk about the data you have used and your data reuse story.  Check out the hacker toolkit for some assistance and instruction on how to make a compelling video. Remember: Your video should not take more than a few hours out of your weekend if you keep it simple

Timeframes to register and submit:

  • 7pm Friday Local time – Hackerspace opens and prize categories are announced for your region
  • 12pm Saturday Local time-all competitors must register as a user on Hackerspace.
  • 5pm Saturday Local time – A Team Project Page and your prize category nomination must be completed in Hackerspace.    Record all your team members on your project page and the URL to your proof of concept repository.  No new projects pages can be created after this time.  You are still able to edit your project page after this time.
  • 4pm Sunday Local time – Your video should be finalised and a URL linking to your video created to load on your Project page. It may take some time for your video to load once you have started the process
  • 5pm Sunday local time –  You MUST have all parts of your competition entry finalised by 5:00pm Local time which includes 1) your team page, 2) your data story description and detail of datasets used 3) your Project outcomes (demo’s, code, graphics, photos submitted, and 4) your video link uploaded.

Competition rules


All prizes you can compete for will be announced on 3 July at the NexGen Unleashed 2015 launch party at 7pm! After then you can find the prizes Teams are eligible for some great prizes, including:

  • International Prizes categories
  • Australian or New Zealand GovHack Major Prize categories
  • Unleashed  South Australia Prizes
  • N3xGen Local Winner and N3xGen State Champions

You must nominate which prizes you are competing for on your Hackerspace project page.

Team Prizes

There are also a few prizes for particular categories of participants. Teams must self-nominate in the HackerSpace which of the following categories best describes their team and declare the eligible members. Team awards can be nominated for if over 50% of your team members identify with the nominated team category. A youth is anyone 18 years or younger. To be eligible for the Best University or Best Public Servant award please add the relevant competitors * or * email address.

Hackers Vote

A Hackers Vote award will be issued to the highest voted overall project.   There are four weeks you can nominate your Hackers Vote. Only registered team members can vote so make sure all your team members are registered on your project page. You will have 3 voting points which you can allocate over 3 projects (1 point per project).

Spirit Prizes

Unleashed Spirit Prizes are awarded to an individual who make the event awesome just for participating, sharing, laughing and getting into the spirit of Unleashed.    A Local Spirit of GovHack prize for the team that displays the greatest spirit of GovHack, aka the best “hacker” ethos will also be awarded. This means the team who best helped others, shared, learned or applied their skills creatively or cleverly.  Local Spirit prizes are announced on the Sunday night after the competition. Each local winner will be then up for the GovHack Spirit of GovHack Award announced at the Red Carpet Awards.

Judging Criteria

Teams are required to submit the following as part of their competition entry:

All entries will be judged by the  Competition Judging Panels against the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • The relevance to the team nominated category definition and  prize eligibility criteria
  • Consistency with contest purposes including social value
  • Quality and design (including standards compliance)
  • Usability (including documentation and ease of use)


The Unleashed and GovHack competition judges will choose all winners. The judging panels for prizes will consist of a mix of Unleashed Crew, government agency representatives and industry sponsors as appropriate for each prize.  All Submissions elements detailed in “Submitting your entry” section of this document must be completed by the required time. No requests for extensions will be considered. Final arbiter is the judging panel whose decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. This is a competition of skill. Chance plays no part in this competition. Judges are not eligible to compete for prizes.   All other competition rules are available at


Unleashed Connections

Get a head start at this week’s info session!

To prepare participants for the Unleashed Open Data Competition, we’re running Unleashed Connections! This will be a free information session at Bendigo Bank, 80 Grenfell Street Adelaide, at 5:30pm on Thursday June 18. Register for the event on Eventbrite.

What’s in it for You

The Unleashed crew will  be there to give you an overview of the Unleashed competition and answer any questions. Find out what you can enter and more importantly what you can win!

This is a great chance to meet some new people and form a team.

Data providers (data mentors) will also be in attendance to share their knowledge of data and incubate ideas with you to pursue during the competition. You’ll be able to find them in designated break out spaces around the venue.

The evening will commence with delicious cocktail food and networking.

Event Schedule

5:30 PM      Networking and refreshments
6:00 PM      Event welcome and briefing
6:20 PM      Data Science Basics
6:30 PM      Forming a team connections
6:30 PM      Floating data mentor connections
7:30 PM      Close

Mentors Available*

Data Mentors will be available to answer your questions about the following data and more!

Local Council Data
Asbestos Removal
Baby Names
Liquor Licensees
Equal Opportunity Complaints and Enquiries
Crime Mapper
Transport, Planning
International Exports
State Development
Air Quality
Expiation Notices

view data on Data.SA
Register for the event on Eventbrite

N3xGen Intrigued and want to know more?

Nexgen open data small with locations

N3xGen Unleashed will be hosted on 3 to 5 July 2015 with dedicated prizes for N3xGen  Youth competitors at Mount Gambier, Playford and Onkaparinga Library community centers.

The event will run simultaneously with Unleashed in Adelaide and Mount Gambier

We invite you to a free information session. Come along whether you’re keen to win, just curious, an educator that wants to inspire your students, or perhaps a parent or guardian that wants to know more before saying yes to this request!

Do you have no idea what data is or how to unleash it?  This session is for you too!

The Unleashed Crew will be there to give you an overview of the N3xGen Unleashed competition and answer any questions. Find out what you can enter and more importantly how and what you can win!  Even if you’re not sure this competition is for you, come along and check it out.

Information sessions will be held at your local N3xGen venue.

Onkaparinga                      28th May 6pm – Register Here                          Woodcroft Community Centre  – 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale

Mount Gambier               3rd June 6pm – Register here                               Mount Gambier Library – 6 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier

Playford                               4th June 6pm – Register Here                              City of Playford Community Centre – 10 Playford Blvd, Elizabeth