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So what’s all this about?

  • Machinery of Data (MOD) is an extension of the Unleashed Open Data competition, where we are encouraging people to mashup open data from government, research institutions, corporations and NGOs with art, craft and machines. For example if a competitor in Unleashed builds an app that shows bus arrival times on your phone, a competitor in MOD would build a physical countdown clock that goes “ping”.

When is it happening?

  • Unlike Unleashed, which happens over a frenetic weekend, MOD takes place over a period of months. The competition starts now (enter here)and will officially end on August 10th, 2014.

Can I enter both competitions?

  • Of course. They are separate competitions and you can do either or both, and you can attend the Unleashed weekend as a MOD coder. Just don’t bring your soldering iron.

Is MOD part of the national GovHack?

  • MOD is an Unleashed exclusive; it is not part of the national GovHack and does not qualify for national competition prizes. There will be great local prizes however.

Where are the rules of the competition?

A concept? 

  • You may come up with a concept that finances/time/safety/space considerations restrict you from actually making. Well considered and thorough proposals (with accompanying video) will be considered for prizes.

Did you say the entry was a video? Are you going to display the physical entries?

  • We are asking for videos for a few reasons: firstly it demonstrates your thing working (if it moves/blinks/goes ping), secondly it gives you a chance to pitch your ideas to the judges, and  thirdly it allows us to build a virtual exhibition space so the rest of the connected world can see your mad skills. And yes we would love to display your entries in a physical environment: we are aiming to run an exhibition at the Unleashed venue and are in negotiations with other spaces to exhibit in the months after. About the exhibition: the things exhibited will be the ones that we feel are most appropriate for the space (not necessarily the winners) and pass our safety checks. Also if you don’t want your precious thing displayed, you don’t have to. Part of the exhibition will be a monitor cycling through the videos of the entries.


  • Check out the prizes on the MOD Prizes & Submissions page. Note: This year, MOD is not part of the national  GOVhack Comp prizes. Maybe next year.

What about IP?
Here’s a brief explanation of our stance on IP:

  • IP rests with the creator and the creator will provide a non-exclusive perpetual licence to use copyright material for marketing purposes (including video, still image, audio, written material directly associated with the creators entry into the competition).
  • The participant warrants that they will not infringe on any third party IP rights.

Ok, I don’t have the resources or skills to build the thing I want to… so what do I do?

  • Build a team!
  • Join our LinkedIn group to network!
  • Attend  MOD workshops! A number of making spaces and venues will be running Saturday afternoon MOD themed workshops over the course of the competition.

What else do I need to know?

Eligible Works will be included in the Exhibition for a period of up to 3 months after the event.

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