Guardians of NexGens

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Download a N3xGen information pack here.

What costs are involved?

The competition is a free event for participants.

Can guardians attend the event?

The N3xGen Unleashed events are held in children friendly public libraries which welcome you as a parent or guardian to attend.   To assist the organisers to identify parents and guardians we require guardian details and emergency contacts details to be provided with ticket registration.  Guardian passes will be provided at the opening night. These must be worn at all times to help the crew manage safety at the event.   Attendees with Guardian Passes should not help or intrude on the team’s development process.  As a general rule of thumb catering is not supplied for guardians.

Why not volunteer as a mentor?

Guardians with digital or entrepreneurial skills are encouraged to register as a technical volunteer at your local event to help all participants.  Please contact if you would like to register as a volunteer. All technical volunteers will be supervised at all times.

Safe Environment

Children have a right to be safe and protected at all times.  The Children’s Protection Act 1993 requires us to provide a child safe environment.  A child safe environment is an environment which is both child-safe and child-friendly, where children are valued and feel respected and encouraged to reach their full potential.

As part of our obligation to establish and maintain a child safe environment we will:

  • have in place appropriate child safe policies and procedures
  • have lodged a statement about the venues child safe environment policies and procedures with the Department for Education and Child Development
  • conducted child related employment screening for people who work supervising participants
  • provide a minimum number of screened supervisors based on expected number of people under the age of 18 present at all times at the venue during competition hours.
  • Ensure Technical volunteers are supervised at all times.

Will there be adult competitors at the venue?

Mount Gambier will also host a Node of the Unleashed GovHack competition that is open to all ages.   This is a great way for your local youth to be inspired by other talented digital creatives in a safe environment.  Youth registered as a N3xGen participants cannot form a team with an Unleashed GovHack competitor. A Child Safety screened crew member will always be present to supervise youth competitors.

Venue opening times

The venue will shut each night and reopen in the morning as detailed in the When & Where section.   It is important that you as their guardian ensure safe transport to and from the venue.

South Australian node of GovHack