Event Road Map

How to be a winner at #UnleashedADL (YouTube)

Winning Teams

  • The best teams have a mix of talents including cool geeky stuff, computer know-how, storytelling, digital or social  media dabblers, graphics and art peeps, problem solvers and go-getters.
  • The best entries show screenshots of how your idea actually works so some coding and graphic skills help here. Judges will also want a squiz at this stuff.
  • To enter your team must submit a three minute video recorded over the weekend that judges uses to understand your concept. It could include the team talking about your project, a screencast of the project, or anything else appropriate for video.  The best entries often use a  combination of Photo, screencast/logo/visuals+ voiceover+ text show on screen. Storytellers, digital media dabblers, artists and go getters love this part of the comp.


Check out official data before the event so you can have an idea of what data you will and wont like to use.  This could save you time on the first night and allows you to contact data providers before the event and ask questions!  You could even try request new data if you start early enough!  Don’t forget to check the rules though as coding cant start till 7pm Friday.

Check out the previous year entries – Judges look at originality so fresh ideas will help you win.

Know your tools  – checkout the Developer Kit before the comp!

Event Road Map

You have only approximately 46 hours to get your entry completed, so here is a guide to how you might want to allocate your time. This is only a guide, and you can do whatever you want to get your entry done.


At 7pm on the Friday night the competition categories are launched and your team can start creating.  The first night is all about working together in your team to create an idea that will win you cool stuff.  Don’t try to develop concepts that win every prize, focus on one or two categories…. although you want to make sure you at least register your entry for one GovHack and one Unleashed prize to max your chances and yes we know some of you will register for every prize :)

  • make a team and register it
  • identify data sets you will use and talk to mentors
  • rule out data that needs to much work
  • map out your entry idea
  • identify possible users and customers
  • determine which Unleashed and GovHack prize categories you are targeting
  • Check if these prize categories have data requirements
  • assign roles to team members
  • start creating
  • Ask for help


The best teams lock down their  concept idea before 10am Saturday.    Don’t be afraid to ask data mentors for ideas, after all they know the data best!

  • continue or start creating
  • talk to the mentors
  • consolidate your many ideas into one or two good ones
  • start a story board of how you will communicate your ideas
  • take some photos of your team or media that will help your Vid entry
  • submit team registration page and nominate prize categories by the deadline!
  • test and refine the entry
  • keep building


Last years competitors will all tell you the same……..  “it took me all arvo to create my Vid and then we had loading problems….Aggghh  Panic!”  On average it takes about an hour to load vids on YouTube and new technology when your stressed takes twice as long as you want… so factor these elements into your days plans.

  • Update your project page now!
  • finalise your story board script. This is your chance to sell your idea to the judges
  • finalise building your entry or if your running out of time focus screens that will feature in the vid the most
  • arrange for a quiet space to record any audio
  • film your 3 minute presentation video and upload to your team page
  • by 2pm you should be in editing mode for your vid
  • get your team page completed to meet all entry criteria
  • aim to start loading your vid to youTube  (or similar) by no later than 4pm
  • finish and submit entry by 5pm.

Don t forget to look after yourself: take breaks, eat, drink and go for an occasional walk. Allow some time to get away and freshen up. Showers clear the mind!


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