Competition Rules

Unleashed South Australia is an Official Location of the GovHack 2015 competition which provides  all the the competition rules and code of conduct to ensure a fair playing field across the Locations.

Teams are eligible for some great prizes, in addition to honour and fame, including:

  • International Prizes
  • Australian GovHack Prizes
  • Unleashed South Australia Prizes
  • Hackers Vote Award
  • Spirit Prizes for outstanding participation and collaboration both locally and overall.

Teams can select which prizes they wish to compete for through the HackerSpace (where you submit your entry). One project can be submitted for multiple categories, so long as it meets all eligibility criteria for the categories nominated. Each prize category has a description and many have specific datasets you need to use with some serving suggestions if you are looking for ideas.

All entries are subject to the competition rules so be sure to check them out. We also encourage you to use the GovHack 2015 Data page and Developer Howto guide for information on tools that might help, and to access the virtual machines generously donated by GovHack sponsors!

Access the GovHack Competition Rules and Code of Conduct  at the GovHack site here for all the following information:

  • GovHack Entries & Timing
  • Judging Criteria
  • Eligibility
  • Nature of Submission
  • Authorised materials
  • Right to remove
  • Disclaimer
  • Event Code of Conduct



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