Provide Data

New Government open data provides our South Australian Unleashed and all the GovHack competitors more opportunity to create new ideas and concepts.

Government of South Australia data

In September 2013, the Premier announced a Declaration of Open Data that commits Public Sector agencies to proactively release data.  The Unleashed competition is a key activity that advances open data and is a great way to connect your data with creative people to innovate new ideas.

All Unleashed Government Open Data for the competition will be made available on Data.SA the South Australian Governments Data Directory.

An Unleashed Data Provider and sponsor pack is available to assist you to release data and participate in Unleashed activities. To receive a pack and for further assistance please .

How can Local Council participate?

Participation is encouraged by Local Council to help unlock the potential of community rich data.  Each  year several local councils sponsore prizes, provide data  subject matter experts and released new open data which generated several award winning results. Contact to  set up publishing access to Data.SA and receive an Unleashed Data Provider and Sponsor Pack.

Please please create something with my data!

To get your open data to stand out from the crowd you could:

  • sponsor Unleashed Prizes
  • provide data mentors or volunteer at the competition
  • release new open data – prizes are judged on originality so new data is a hot commodity
  • release a time series of data that shows trends over time – your data may be used for a winning visualisation
  • pilot or release an API, webservice or real-time data service – the best innovative ideas are normally automated


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