Machinery of Data

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“Machinery of Data” (MOD) is a data driven competition: one that merges open data with hardware and art.

MOD Unleashed is a competition where makers, artists and crafters build machines and art that is driven by, reacts to and is inspired by open data released from Data.SA Logo_Black taglinedpc logo


This Year we are partnering with the Adelaide Maker Faire to host a Data.SA and  Machinery of Data Exhibition



Exhibition 10AM  TO 5PM –   in the special MOD Exhibition space at the Maker Faire

1284 South Road, Clovelly Park (the old Mitsubishi site)

The Adelaide Mini Maker Faire is an event to inspire, inform, connect and entertain thousands of attendees in a family-friendly environment that celebrates technology, education, science, arts, crafts, engineering, food, sustainability – and more.

Adelaide Mini Maker Faire will bring people and ideas together at Tonsley – South Australia’s latest hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

What it MOD all  about?

MOD was run for the first time ever here in South Australia. View 2014 entries here and  winners here.

Competition commences as soon as you get an idea! so start creating now.

A best Entry Prize will be awarded at the Mini Maker Faire during the Data.SA speaker program

Prize valued at $1000

Judging will be conducted at the Maker Faire event by a panel of Judges.

Submitting your Entry

You must submit an Entry form with the Data.SA Team by  Friday the 1st October 2015. (form to be released soon)

Entries are required to be delivered to the Maker Faire on

  • Saturday 31st October (if electrical testing is required) or
  • Between 8 and 9am 1st November

The Maker Fair reserve the right to exclude entries if deemed unsafe or not family friendly.

Makers are encouraged to attend the  exhibition and engage with attendees about their idea.

Data.SA and Mini Maker Faire has no capacity to be responsible for any of the entries, setting them up or taking them down and we can not offer storage before or after the event.   Accordingly entrants must collect their entry by 5pm on Sunday.

What  data can i use to create for my entry

Open data is data that is in machine readable format and is licensed for reuse.  The MOD competition is designed to demonstrate innovative use of data released on the Government of South Australia Data Directory.

You can search for data at by key words, Tags or, Formats or browse Groups of data by themes such as water, energy and environment or transport and travel.     If you can’t find data you are interested then you can email with your data request. You can also use other data that has been openly released, however at least one dataset must have content that relates to South Australia.


What can i create?

The scope of the competition is deliberately broad and might include;

  • A café clock that counts down bus arrival times using Adelaide Metro data.
  • A 3D printed representation of open data
  • Jewellery, art or music based on a data representation
  • A sensor that records environmental information and publishes the data with an open license
  • A light that flashes when an alert is posted
  • A video installation or musical composition incorporating open data.

This is your opportunity to show creative and innovative use of South Australian open data and demonstrate to a wide audience your artistic and technical skills.


 Registration for the competition and attendance to the Maker Faire is free. Cost associated with the build or crafting or your entry is incurred at your own cost.


 Your entry must be a piece of art, machine, or craft that is driven by, reacts to or is a representation of open data.

  • Your entry must utilise South Australian open data in some describable, tangible way.  Data used must be licenced for re-use (Creative Commons).  It is recommended to source data from
  • Winners will be chosen by the MOD competition judges. The judging panel for each prize will consist of MOD organisers, government agency representatives and industry sponsors as appropriate for each prize.
  • No requests for extensions will be considered. Final arbiter is the judging panel whose decision is final.


  •  Entries can be from an individual or a team.
  • No judges will be eligible to compete for prizes
  • Entrants may be members of multiple teams but each team must submit a list of members with their entry. Each team has one entry. There is no maximum team size.


This contest has been designed to demonstrate the benefit of open data. Please participate in and engage with the contest in that spirit and in good faith. You must not include submissions that are:

  • potentially libellous, false, defamatory or overtly political;
  • material which is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive, or which would cause personal distress or loss;
  • any commercial endorsement, promotion of any product, service or publication;
  • privacy invasive;
  • language which is offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate; or
  • misleading, deceptive, violate a third party’s rights or are otherwise contrary to law.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not comply with the letter and spirit of these rules.


Intellectual Property rests with the Team or individual that submits an entry.  The Team will provide a non-exclusive perpetual licence to use copyright material for MOD marketing, events and media purposes (including video, still image, audio, written material directly associated with the creators entry into the competition).  

The participant warrants that they will not infringe on any third party IP rights.


 MOD Unleashed should be an awesome experience for everyone.

By participating in MOD and the Maker Farie as an Exhibitor you agree to the following:

I will…

Treat others with respect.

 I will not abuse, stalk, harass or threaten others. I will not make offensive comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. I will not disrupt other people or the event and I will not make inappropriate physical contact or pay unwelcome sexual attention to other participants.

Keep it G-rated and be mindful of my language.

I will not swear or make sexist, racist, or other exclusionary jokes which may be offensive to those around me. I will behave in a way (only submit competition material) that is suitable for anyone to view, including young children.

Respect the venue’s and equipment.

 I will keep the venue’s clean and tidy and use the rubbish and recycling bins as appropriate. I will let the organisers know if there are any issues. I will follow instructions, adhere to Safety instructions  and take care with equipment  at all MOD events and workshops.

Follow the competition rules.

 I will only use authorised materials that I have the right to use and release and will not submit any projects which are potentially libellous, false, defamatory or overtly political or contains material which is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive, or which would cause personal distress or loss. I will check the website and/or have a chat with one of the organisers if at any stage I am unclear on the competition rules.


Remember that the MOD organisers are in charge and have put a lot of effort in to organising great events.

 I will not do anything to ruin the event or engage in any behaviour that violates this code of conduct. I understand that the MOD organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warnings or expulsion from the MOD events. I understand that if I am removed from the event due to inappropriate behaviour, I will no longer be eligible to compete for MOD prizes.


You may be photographed, recorded or videotaped as part of the Unleashed weekend or associated events.

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