Data for Unleashed

Unleashed and GovHack :
Official Data



To be eligible for Unleashed and NexGen Prizes you must use at least one Data set published on the South Australian Government open data portal, Data.SA. Logo_Black tagline

Data.SA data sets are the data sets used for the Unleashed competitions. They can be used in conjunction with (mashed up with) GovHack data sets and with data linked on this page.

Official GovHack National and Local data

Official  GovHack Data for the National competition and other GovHack locations  is available from the GovHack website

 Important notes

It is important that you check the licence terms and attribution requirements for the data at its source when using material linked from this page.

Some Unleashed and GovHack prize categories have requirements around use of specific data sets.



South Australian node of GovHack