To make Unleashed a real success, we need your support to reward and develop local talent.

There are numerous ways that you can show your support including cash, hardware for prizes, mentoring programs for participants, and services in kind.

Please download the Unleashed 2015 Corporate Sponsorship pack for more information about this year’s sponsorship opportunities.

If you are interested in joining us as a sponsor for Unleashed 2015 please contact the Unleashed team at and we can meet to discuss your sponsorship needs.

Why should you sponsor Unleashed?

Sponsors receive a number of benefits from supporting Unleashed. The event generates national and local media coverage. See the 2014 media coverage at: http://www.govhack.org/2014-in-the-media/.

Sponsors have an opportunity to gain exposure on the Unleashed and GovHack websites, participate in Unleashed media opportunities, showcase products and expertise, engage with state and local government agencies, and forge relationships with the developer community.

Unleashed attracts the best developers and innovators across South Australia. We have had continued growth over the past 2 years with South Australia engaging the most competitors and generating the most competition entries submitted across the national GovHack competition. In 2015 we are growing again with the introduction of additional regional and metropolitan locations and through engaging youth in N3xGen. This means your sponsorship will reach a greater audience and provide more opportunities for you to connect with talented South Australians.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor contact us at  for more details.

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