Information for Schools

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Download a N3xGen information pack here.

Why should your school participate?

Because it’s fun and a valuable educational experience! Participating in N3xGen Unleashed represents an excellent opportunity for young people to discover some of the important data and information that is being used to influence their future. Furthermore, this competition will give students the chance to work with like-minded people and meet experts from the information technology industry.

How does N3xGen relate to the school curriculum?

There are clear links with this event and the Australian Curriculum’s Digital Technologies. Specifically, student activity aligns with the Computational Thinking component of the Year 7-10 curriculum. In this curriculum, students are asked to Define, Design, Implement and Evaluate digital systems. Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies link

I am a teacher, how do I get involved?

Teachers can get involved in several ways:

  • encourage students to attend, perhaps even foster a school based team
  • come along to the information session hosted at your local venue
  • try a few activities in the classroom that align with the curriculum that could help students on the day
  • volunteer as a crew member or a technical mentor (email )

Here are some resources that could help you in the classroom

Instructions about how to run a coding class yourself.


Here are links for coding tutorials that you can run in class. These include instructions and the teaching is done through the tutorial, so all you need to do is explore and try out which ones you would like to use!


Advanced Tools of the Trade

Are you after some advanced tools of the trade?

Check out the GovHack Developer Kit

South Australian node of GovHack