Welcome to SA Unleashed !

2016  event details to be announced soon!

SA Unleashed is a series of events designed to get our best and brightest, working with government data to innovate and create.

It is about encouraging and celebrating our technical and creative capacity, connecting citizens with government for great outcomes, and building upon the social and economic value of open data published by government.

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Machinery of Data  – Aug to Nov 2015

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“Machinery of Data” (MOD) is an  data driven competition where makers, artists and crafters build machines and art that is driven by, reacts to and is inspired by open data released from Data.SA

Enties were showcased on 1 November 2015 in the special MOD Exhibition space at the Maker Faire


Unleashed 2015

is South Australia’s annual open data competition which is part of the GovHack competition held across  30  Locations in Australia and in New Zealand.   In 46 hours teams create a proof of concept and a video that tells the story of how the data can be reused.

The winners for 2015 were announced at the Awards Night on 31 July.  Check out the 2015 highlights video to find out what it is all about

NexGen Unleashed

This year we were pleased to launch N3xGen Unleashed  an open data competition with dedicated prizes for competitors 13-18 years.

The event ran at Playford, Onkaparinga and Mount Gambier Library community centers.  Youth teams competed  simultaneously with Unleashed  and the GovHack competition  held around the nation and in New Zealand.

Check out all the highlights video from 2015 to find out what it is all about.

View the Launch Video  for  #SAUnleashed GovHack

GovHack 2015 Video

 Check out the amazing Nexgen Video that Launched our first ever youth open data competitions in Playford, Onkaparinga and Mount Gambier

2015  Projects created 3-5 July

View  the 2015 #Unleashed  and NexGen projects

Amazing what Teams created in just 46 hours. Great entries from all 4 South Australian Locations

Unleashed Data

745 Open Data sets released by South Australian Government Agencies and Local Councils  on for Innovative reuse and Unleashed

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For a complete list of  other research and  industry data provided for Unleashed data available  for use in the competition refer to  Unleashed 2015 Data.

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