Amazing New Adelaide Venue Announced

We’re seriously chuffed to announce that Bendigo Bank has partnered with Unleashed for 2015 as platinum event sponsor.

With its commitment to SA’s communities, Bendigo Bank is keen to support our digital entrepreneurs, progressive thinkers and future leaders.

To do this, Bendigo Bank has lent us the keys to their world class city office on Grenfell Street. This new and ultra-modern venue features a huge indoor/outdoor terrace, multiple collaboration rooms and funky booths. The Bendigo Bank Building was designed for small teams to build ideas and is guaranteed to get your innovative juices flowing!*


Adelaide Unleashed

Venue Bendigo Bank
Venue Address 180 Grenfell st Adelaide
Hosted by Office for Digital Government
Event contact detail [email protected]

Venue Opening Hours

Day Opening time Closing time Meals provided
Friday 3 July 6:30 PM 11.00 PM Supper
Saturday 4 July 7.30 AM 11.00 PM Breakfast/lunch/tea
Sunday 5 July 7.30 AM 6.00 PM Breakfast /Lunch