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What can you create as your entry?

A “hack” is when you take something and make it better.  So for this competition you need to take South Australian open data or images and show how you will use or display the data in a different way. This could be a visual display of the data, an infographic, an app, a report on what your interpretation of the data means or a concept of what could be done with the data.

Anything goes! The sky’s the limit so tap into your crazy imagination and come up with something brilliant. You are competing against people your age with similar skills so now’s the time to win cool tech and show them what you can hack.

Can you hack it? Points on how to compete.

  • You must be aged 13 to 18 years to compete in N3xGen
  • You can compete on your own or in a team. Get your mates together to form a team or come join a team at the event and meet some new friends.
  • The best teams have a mix of talents including cool geeky stuff, computer know-how, storytelling, digital or social media dabblers, creative graphics and art minds, problem solvers, team players, managers and go-getters.
  • At 7pm on the Friday night the competition categories are launched and your team can start creating. The first night is all about working together in your team to create an idea.
  • An entry must demonstrate a concept that uses open data in a clever and creative way. It might be an application, an analysis, data visualisation, a game, a digitised project or anything as long as it uses South Australian Government Data.
  • The best entries show screenshots of how your idea works so some coding and graphic skills help here.
  • To enter your team must submit a three minute video recorded over the weekend. It could include the team talking about your project, a screencast of the project, graphic and video mash-ups, or anything else appropriate for video. The best entries are often a video scribe which is the combination of Photo/logo/visuals+ voiceover+ text show on screen. Storytellers, digital media dabblers, artists and go getters love this part of the comp.

Check out this “How to win”video a competitor made last year to get that edge on your competitors.

Past Competition Concepts:

  • View  Trent & Mitchs from Mount Gambier’s winning entry  A  game the helps communities improve their environment through air quality monitoring
  • Saving endangered species in Australia (13 Year old Zachs entry in 2014)


  • A cool visualization of languages in australia
  • Unleashed Adelaide 2014 Abstract by Michelle Tsutsulis
  • Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) Statistics
  • Infographic by David Emami Jalal
  • SA History Reel by Sue Tsutsulis

Next Bus  – Electronic display of  a bus time table

Next Bus

Bridging the divide by Kate Lewis – Artistics display of data


Talking Heads  – Audio software used to Read out news items data


2014 The Big League Winners

Check out the Unleashed 2014 Winners to see some more advanced concepts and videos

2014 Unleashed Youth Competition Winners

Check out youth  winners  from Unleashed  2014 below!

  • Sponsor: Friends of the Mount Gambier Library
  • Honorable Mention: The Nexus with Ausplore
  • Winner:  Trent & Mitch’s Project – Helping the World Visualise Air Quality


Youth Unleashed Spirit Prize

Winner of Youth Unleashed Spirit Prize and GovHack 2014 youngest competitor

Winner of Youth Unleashed Spirit Prize and GovHack 2014 youngest competitor. Pictured with the Hon Susan Close, Minster for Public Sector,  Bret Morris CIO and Alysha Thomas from the Office for Digital Government.

South Australian node of GovHack