MOD 2014 Entries

MOD Prizes Categories:

  • Best in show ($2,000 prize money)
  • Best artistic use of open data ($1,000 prize money)
  • Best design and build using open data ($1,000 prize money)

Sponsor prizes:

  • Renew Adelaide Creative Space Prize

The winner as selected by Renew Adelaide will benefit from either three hours assistance to find a secured commercial lease OR automatic selection for rent free property access on a Renew Adelaide short term licence for retail, gallery or studio space (dry studio only).


The following projects were submitted for the 2014 Machinery of Data competition:

Talking Heads by Hackerspace Adelaide
Next Bus by Lei Zhang
Adelaide Pulse by the Flinders New Venture Institute team
Bridging the divide by Kate Lewis
Unleashed Adelaide 2014 Abstract by Michelle Tsutsulis
Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) Statistics Infographic by David Emami Jalal
SA History Reel by Sue Tsutsulis
Audio Graph by Martin Leadbeater, Peter Leadbeater, Michael O’Connor


Find out who the MOD 2014 winners were.

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