Machinery of Data

The MOD competition has now closed and we’ve received a great range of interesting and creative submissions!

Selected competition entries are exhibited at the Unleashed Awards Night,  at the State Library of South Australia from 17 August 2014.

Check out all the MOD entry videos.

This year, in addition to the main Unleashed open data competition, we want to announce something new and exciting.

“Machinery of Data” (MOD) is a new type of data driven competition: one that merges open data with hardware and art.

MOD Unleashed is a competition where makers, artists and crafters build machines and art that is driven by, reacts to and is inspired by open data released into the public domain.

We’ve never done this before, and we’re not aware of anyone else who has run a competition like this either. Since we don’t know any better, we are not putting any limits on what you can submit. Projects can be practical, artistic, outlandish or all three.

Some examples might be:

  • A clock that counts down the next bus arrival times using Adelaide Metro data
  • A 3D printed representation of open data
  • Jewellery based on a data representation
  • A sensor that records environmental information and publishes the data with an open licence
  • A light that flashes when an alert is posted
  • A video installation or musical composition incorporating open data.




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