Adelaide Competition Weekend Running Sheet


Friday 3 July What Where
06:00 PM Participants start to arrive and register  Ground floor
6.00pm Networking and food Atrium
06:30 PM Local event welcome, prizes and participant briefing Atrium
07:00 PM  Competition Launch Atrium
7.15pm Pick a position and set up(This will be your posy for the weekend) Level 2
8.00pm Register on Hackerspace Hackerspace
11pm Venue shuts
Saturday 12 July
7.30 to 10.30am Venue open & breakfast Atrium
9 am to 12pm Morning with Mentors Atrium and Level 2
12pm Register all your team members on your project Hackerspace
12.30 to 1.30 Lunch Atrium
5.00 pm Team Page registration and Prize category nomination due on Hackerspace Hackerspace
6.30pm Dinner Atrium
11pm Venue shuts
Sunday 13 July
7.30 to 10.30am Venue open & breakfast Atrium
10am Update your Hackerspace project page with your data story, datasets used, Project outcomes etc to reduce pressure in the last hours. Hackerspace
9am to 4pm Media Room available Level 2
4pm Recommended deadline for video loading
4.15pm Final review of your Project page Hackerspace
5pm Submissions due Hackerspace
5.15pm Spirit prizesEntry Screening Atrium
5.30pm Close