Australia's Innovation Gap: The Struggle for a Competitive Economy

The main approach for the world's largest economies to develop is through the growth of innovative ideas and creation of optimum conditions for prospective start-ups. Highly educated humans with enhanced capabilities are the most important source of an innovative economy. The competitiveness among business owners, potential startup leaders is increasing.

Australia is a wealthy country. However, transitioning to an innovation economy for this nation entails significant personnel challenges: the nations (Singapore, South Korea) that have established effective systems of support for innovation development and attract the best minds from all around the world are close by. Australians will have to make considerable efforts to maintain their competitiveness in this market.

Melbourne, the nation's second-largest metropolis, has emerged as the nerve center of Australia's startup scene. Melbourne is often called Australia's sporting and cultural capital. The key element in Melbourne's startup environment development is government assistance, which lends a hand at every stage.

Melbourne has a long history of attracting both business and people from various countries. Melbourne not only attracts investment from other areas, but it also encourages entrepreneurs to settle there. Many high-tech firms are relocating their operations to Melbourne. One of the most well-known is GoPro, the de-facto manufacturer that has defined action cameras (rugged video cameras designed for outdoor activities). The company announced in early 2015 that it would move its entire operation from California to Melbourne.

The Victorian government's investment in the Australian Synchrotron (a research facility) has also been a boon to startups. The synchrotron is used by firms developing new medical imaging technologies, as well as by pharmaceutical and biotech companies working on new cures.

Government programs are not the only reason why Melbourne has become a hub for startups. The city is also home to a number of accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces that provide resources and support for early-stage businesses. One such organization is Inspire9, which describes itself as "a community and workspace designed to support the startup journey."

While Melbourne is the current epicenter of Australia's startup scene, other parts of the country are also beginning to emerge as hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship. In particular, the city of Brisbane has been making strides in recent years. The Queensland state government has invested heavily in supporting startups, and the city is home to a number of accelerators and incubators.

The Australian government has also taken steps to support startups by establishing a $1 billion investment fund, the Innovation Investment Fund. The fund provides equity financing for early-stage businesses and is open to businesses across a wide range of industries.

The Australian startup ecosystem is still in its early stages, but it is rapidly evolving. With strong government support and a growing number of resources available to entrepreneurs, Australia is well positioned to become a leading innovation economy.

Innovation in Australia: online casinos

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